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Skin Tags – What are they and what to do about them?

Reviewed by Sandy Diaz O’Donnell, PA-C

What’s a skin tag?

You know about hashtags, geotags, price tags and photo tags. But what about skin tags?  You’ve probably seen them on others or perhaps yourself without knowing what they’re more

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Look Fresh After The Flight — 6 Skin-Saving Strategies

How To Arrive With Healthy-Looking Skin With Travel Skincare Tips

You don’t need a doctor to tell you that air travel stresses your body — especially your skin! Even on the best and shortest of flights, it’s normal to more

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How to Use Your FSA for Skincare

A flexible spending account, or FSA, is a special account that users more

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The Dangers of DIY Beauty Treatments for Brides and Grooms

This article was edited by Shivani Reddy, MD.

With meticulous planning and preparation, many brides and grooms explore beauty treatments to enhance their radiance and confidence on their big day. While the allure of DIY treatments can be tempting more

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How Wildfire Smoke Can Affect Your Skin and What To Do About It

Our California skies may be clearing from the recent regional fires but microscopic particles from wildfire smoke can linger in the atmosphere for days, weeks or even months. The harmful effects of smoke-polluted air on cardiovascular and respiratory more

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Jimmy Buffett’s Skin Cancer:  What you need to know about Merkel cell carcinoma

This article was edited by Annie Liu, MD

Jimmy Buffett, the singer-songwriter whose music celebrated the coastal life of sea, sand, and sun, died September 1 at age 75. The cause of death was a type of skin more