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Month: July 2015

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How to Treat Acne Scars

Here at California Skin Institute we see many patients who are dealing with acne.* With over 20 practices throughout northern California and a team that includes some of the best dermatologists in the country, we’ve cultivated deep expertise more

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Medication for Severe Acne?

Although proper skin cleansing and topical creams play a big role in healing acne, some patients need stronger medication in to clear up breakouts. This often happens when an individual is dealing with significant amounts of acne-causing bacteria, more

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Acne Diet

As part of our commitment to help patients find long term acne treatment solutions, California Skin Institute providers can help you understand if your diet is playing a role in your breakouts. This is a very important aspect more

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Healing Acne – Are You Cleansing Your Skin Correctly?

Here at California Skin Institute we help many patients who are dealing with acne and would like to find effective solutions for clearing up their skin.* Although acne is a condition that affects adults and teenagers alike, our more