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How to Enjoy California’s Superbloom Without Doom and Gloom for Your Skin Health

This article was edited by Paul Hoesly, MD.

California’s hills will be alive with huge swaths of vivid orange, red, and purple wildflowers. These are the eye-popping results of the last few months’ impact by California’s atmospheric storms. more

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Winter Skiing Skincare: Expert Tips for Cold Weather Care

Edited by Alicia Scherba, FNP-C

Heading to the slopes to enjoy California’s snow season? Before you climb aboard that lift, here’s why and how to adjust your skin care regimen for peak snow glow.

Between the more

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Warts And All – Tackling A Skin Care New Year’s Resolution

If you’ve got warts, getting rid of them should be near the top of your New Year’s Resolutions. The good news is that unlike dieting or decluttering, proper treatment of warts is simple. Just make an appointment more

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How To Undo Holiday Havoc and Rejuvenate Your Skin For The New Year

Edited by Jennifer Sorrell, MD

Here’s a New Year’s resolution that is easy to keep. Start 2024 by rejuvenating your skin especially if you’ve put self-care on hold during the happy but hectic holidays!

Late nights, more

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Dermatologist-Recommended Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin in Cold Weather

Heading to the slopes to enjoy California’s snow season? Spending magical holidays in New York? Before you climb aboard that ski lift or lace up your skates at Rockefeller Center, know how to change up your skin care more

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Skin Tags – What are they and what to do about them?

Reviewed by Sandy Diaz O’Donnell, PA-C

What’s a skin tag?

You know about hashtags, geotags, price tags and photo tags. But what about skin tags?  You’ve probably seen them on others or perhaps yourself without knowing what they’re more