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Skin Cancers Once Considered Less Fatal Now Reported To Cause More Deaths Worldwide

Reviewed by Moriah Barboza, CFNP

Nonmelanoma skin cancer death rates found to be higher than melanoma

Medical scientists at a recent international dermatology conference reported that nonmelanoma skin cancers now top melanoma in causing deaths. The scientists more

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Are You at Risk for Skin Cancer?

Unfortunately, some people may delay seeking care when they notice a strange new mole or skin discoloration. Here at California Skin Institute, we have treated many skin cancers over the years, and encourage our patients to notify their more

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Your Annual Skin Cancer Detection Guide

When was the last time you had a full-body skin examination by your dermatologist? According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, annual body checks for adults over the age of 19 are essential to detecting early signs of skin more

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Reconstructive Surgery After Skin Cancer Removal

Edited by Katharine Ball, MD

Here at California Skin Institute, we specialize in Mohs micrographic surgery — the gold standard for skin cancer treatment. Mohs surgery has become popular for treating skin cancer cancer in cosmetically sensitive more

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Skin Cancer Awareness PSA

Skin cancer preventative care is vital for skin health year round, even for those with skin that does not burn easily or those without a history of skin cancer. No matter your skin type or skin concern, more

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The 3 Ps of California Summer Sun Care for Your Skin

California women get praise in pop songs for their tans. “The West Coast has the sunshine and the girls all get so tan,” the Beach Boys famously sang in their 60s song, “California Girls.” About 40 years later, more