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New Study Highlights Acne’s Impact on Women’s Quality of Life

Feeling anxious about returning to the classroom or the office this fall? That’s perfectly natural. But it’s a good idea to check in with yourself and assess what really may be going on. Is it possible that acne more

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Holiday Beauty Already?? 5 Treatments to Book Now!

This article is the first in a series to help you plan cosmetic treatments and procedures for beautiful results in time for the winter holidays. In September, we’ll cover nose jobs (rhinoplasty), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and face, brow more

Cosmetic Dermatology

How to Banish Broken Capillaries and Stop Them from Coming Back

Broken capillaries might be your most unwanted summer accessory. Whether you’re wearing a swimsuit, shorts or a breezy little sundress, that whorl of red lines creating a mini roadmap on your thighs or across your nose and cheeks more

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Benzene and Sunscreens—What You Need to Know

You may have seen headlines linking sunscreens to cancer. We’ve seen them too, and have thoroughly reviewed and analyzed the scientific findings behind them.

Facts on Benzene and Sunscreen:

  • The reported cancer link is due to a toxic chemical called benzene.
  • more

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Do These 5 Things to Strengthen Your Skin Barrier 

Only in the last few years has the skin barrier seen the widespread appreciation it deserves. Skinfluencers around the web and in the beauty zines can’t stop talking about the importance of maintaining a strong one. Also called more

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Summer Acne – How to Prevent and Treat Flare-Ups

Is your joy at going maskless dimmed by flare-ups of summer acne? Does the thought of emerging from a pool, lake or the ocean in a swimsuit, wet hair slicked back make you cringe because of summer acne more