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Cosmetic Dermatology

Introducing Mineral Sunscreen Drops SPF 50!

Reviewed by a California Skincare Specialists

Say goodbye to outdated, heavy sunscreens and hello to the future of sun protection. California Skin Institute proudly presents its latest innovation: Mineral Sunscreen Drops SPF 50, a groundbreaking serum-based sunscreen that more


The 3 Ps of California Summer Sun Care for Your Skin

California women get praise in pop songs for their tans. “The West Coast has the sunshine and the girls all get so tan,” the Beach Boys famously sang in their 60s song, “California Girls.” About 40 years later, more

CSI Dermatologists Free Guide to Pregnancy Skincare Ingredient Safety

Reviewed By A Skincare Specialist

What To Avoid And What To Use Instead

Congratulations! You’re carrying a new life! Pregnancy is an exhilarating time brimming with positive energy and eager anticipation. But it can also be beset by anxiety more

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Unlocking Radiance: Celebrating National Vitamin C Day with CSI Skincare!

National Vitamin C Day was on April 4, so let’s explore why California Skin Institute’s Vitamin C products stand out and why opting for medical-grade formulations over standard cosmetic or drugstore brands is essential.

Vitamin C isn’t more

Luxe Lips for Life: Our Dermatologists’ Complete Guide to Lip Care

This article was edited by Annie Liu, MD

All About Lips

Lips can make your face eye-catching – especially when you smile. But lips do more than that. Lips originally evolved to facilitate eating. Lips also likely more

Medical Dermatology

How to Enjoy California’s Superbloom Without Doom and Gloom for Your Skin Health

This article was edited by Paul Hoesly, MD.

California’s hills will be alive with huge swaths of vivid orange, red, and purple wildflowers. These are the eye-popping results of the last few months’ impact by California’s atmospheric storms. more