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Month: August 2023

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Unlock Your Beauty: Radiant Hands for Your Special Day

This article was edited by Shivani Reddy, MD.

Your hands have helped you accomplish so much, and what is often most overlooked is the delicate nature of the skin on their backs. They endure various challenges, more

All Articles, Medical Dermatology

Special Back to School News: Zooming In On Acne

This article was edited by Stefan Lowenstein, MD.

Starting the new school year in person or virtually can be quite awkward and challenging. Adding to the beginning of the year stresses are the blotches and blemishes of adolescent acne. more

All Articles, Medical Dermatology

Living with Psoriasis: Causes and Misconceptions

Very often, psoriasis issues start slowly, with just a few red or itchy spots on the skin. Yet, the amount of affected skin continues to increase over time. For some patients, the symptoms may become unmanageable. Eventually, they more