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Month: September 2022

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Boost Your Mane Attraction with ARTAS

Hair continues to be an attribute of attractiveness in our society. Although some men are able to rock the bald look, a full head of hair is often associated with youth and vibrancy. It’s a plus for more

All Articles, Medical Dermatology

8 Common Skin Injuries – How to Remedy Them and When to Call a Doctor

As summer draws to a close, many of us are making the most of the remaining weeks. We’re eager to squeeze in heading to a favorite California beach or biking a new trail or gathering folks for an more

All Articles, Cosmetic Dermatology

Free Your Legs from Unsightly Veins

Do you have grey ropes of bulging veins marring your calves? Roadmaps of spidery red and purple lines zigzagging around your upper legs? No need to feel self-conscious or cover up in long pants and maxi dresses. As more