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Month: October 2022

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Why You Need Medical Assist with a Cyst

You’re washing dishes or pouring yourself a cup of coffee when suddenly you see something on your hand that shouldn’t be there — an odd, rounded, fleshy bump. Perhaps it’s on your wrist or a knuckle. It’s too more

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Reconstructive Surgery After Skin Cancer Removal

Edited by Katharine Ball, MD

Here at California Skin Institute, we specialize in Mohs micrographic surgery — the gold standard for skin cancer treatment. Mohs surgery has become popular for treating skin cancer cancer in cosmetically sensitive more

All Articles, Medical Dermatology

Dry Skin? Or Is It Eczema? What You Need to Know Now

October is National Eczema Month. “So, what does that have to do with me?” you may think. Well, you might be one of 30 million Americans with eczema and not even know it! Eczema, by the way, worsens more