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Month: January 2022

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6 Ways to Love Your Skin by Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is traditionally for lovers. But it’s also a prime opportunity to embrace what you love about you. Show yourself some appreciation by taking some time to practice self care. Bonus more

All Articles, Medical Dermatology

California Dermatologists’ Best Winter Sunscreen Tips for Healthy Beautiful Skin

Want some free winter skincare advice from California Skin Institute’s board-certified dermatologists?

Tip #1:

Wherever you live in California, whether it’s SoCal or the San Francisco Bay Area, you need to wear sunscreen even during the winter. All of CSI’s more

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Start 2022 Right — 6 Ways to Update Your Skin Routine

If you’re like most of us, you’ve had a nightly skincare routine in place for some time and it works for you… but could it be better? Your skin’s needs can change over the seasons, years more

All Articles, Medical Dermatology

How to Undo Holiday Havoc and Rejuvenate Your Skin for the New Year

Here’s one new year’s resolution you’ll be happy to keep. Start off 2022 the right way by rejuvenating your skin, especially if you’ve put self-care on hold during the happy, but hectic, holidays. Late nights and sweet treats, more