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Cosmetic Dermatology

Injectables and Facial Fillers

At California Skin Institute, we use a wide array of facial fillers and injectable treatments to treat wrinkles, smooth out fine lines and bring more volume to targeted areas of the face. Whether it’s improving crow’s feet, marionette lines, forehead wrinkles, or volumizing hollow cheeks; we have many solutions to fit each patient’s individual aesthetic goals and needs.

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Facial Fillers: Beyond the Basics

Facial fillers and injectables are often misunderstood by the average consumer. Television specials and blogs often portray these treatments as almost miracle solutions; suggesting that a few injections here and there will solve all of your problems. It just is not as simple because fillers and injectables are merely tools and to achieve great results you need an experienced practitioner who has perfected their art to administer the procedure.

It is not enough to just know the area where these should be injected. Instead, the facial features of the patient should be considered to understand how the filler or injectable will interact with the eyebrow, eyelid and lip movement.

Further, it is vital to determine which filler is the most suitable for a patient’s needs. There are quite a few fillers and injectables out there, and many are similar to each other. However, each formulation has its own nuanced effects, all of which must be considered in tandem with the patient’s unique goals, facial features and overall skin health.

In many ways, fillers and injections are like brushes and paints: in the right hands, they can create beautiful outcomes. In the wrong hands, however, these treatments can do quite the opposite and create an overly-tight look in the face, diminish the patient’s ability to make facial expressions, and even create asymmetry in the face.

Extensive Facial Filler Expertise

Here at California Skin Institute, we have the necessary expertise and capability to analyze a patient’s individual facial structure; which allows us to achieve high levels of positive outcomes with fillers and injectables. This knowledge and expertise comes from having helped thousands of patients over the years, with treatments like BotoxRadiesseVolumaRestylane and the like. Having treated so many patients, this experience has allowed us to fine-tune our treatment options to be nuanced to the unique needs of every individual.

If you’re considering facial fillers or injectables and want to speak to a provider about how to achieve outcomes that look more natural, find a California Skin Institute location nearest you and give us a call or simply click here to schedule an appointment right now!


Treatment results will vary, talk to a practitioner to see if this treatment or procedure is right for you.

Conditions treated by Injectables and Facial Fillers

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