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Medical Dermatology

Onychomycosis (Nail Fungus)

Often stemming from a mild-to-moderate injury or small cut near a nail, onychomycosis can cause physical discomfort, frustration and anxiety about its appearance. People who swim or whose feet sweat a lot might have a higher chance of getting a fungal nail infection, and it can often be picked up at places such as gyms, workout facilities and dance studios. While onychomycosis is highly transmissible, it can be treated successfully.

Your California Skin Institute licensed professional will initially diagnose your onychomycosis with a visual exam. After taking your medical history and learning of any injuries or exposure that may predispose you to onychomycosis, an examination will look for discoloration of the nail bed and surrounding tissue, usually in shades of yellow, white, brown or black. The nail may be thickened along with the discoloration and there may be flaking on the plate of the nail. In more advanced cases of onychomycosis, the nail may be lifting from the nail bed.

Much like a bacterial infection, onychomycosis will not go away without treatment, even if the nail has lifted completely from the nail bed.

California Skin Institute offers a variety of treatment options for onychomycosis.

Treatments for Onychomycosis (Nail Fungus)

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