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Cosmetic Dermatology

Juvederm® Vollure

California Skin Institute offers Juvederm® Vollure, an FDA-approved dermal filler, to help patients address facial wrinkles, nasolabial folds and volume loss in the face. It is also known as Volift in Europe.

California Skin Institute was one of the first practices in the United States to offer Vollure.  Juvederm® Vollure can be used to create subtle and natural enhancements that dramatically improve the appearance of the face, by restoring a youthful look.

Juvederm Vollure is just one of many effective injectables developed by Allergan, the trusted name behind treatments like Botox® and the Juvederm® family of fillers. It has been approved and in use in Europe since 2013.

Vollure can also be used to smooth and fill medium to severe wrinkles with long-lasting effects. Another benefit is that the filler is firm enough to add volume and fill in wrinkles and fine lines, yet soft enough to move naturally with the face which allows the recipient to maintain natural facial expressions.


Treatment results will vary, talk to a practitioner to see if this treatment or procedure is right for you.

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