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Your Guide to Botox® for Men

Posted on: May 26th, 2022 by Kristen Chang

“Brotox” – Botox® for Men

Ok, I’m really, really nervous about this.” These were the words of one of my recent patients – let’s call him “Richard” – who came in for a Botox® treatment. Richard’s attitude was very similar to many of the male patients we’ve helped over the years; somewhat flustered, unsure of whether he was making the right decision, and even a bit embarrassed.

Unfortunately, although many men would love to improve their appearance and smooth out facial wrinkles, they are still hesitant about getting Botox® injections or facial filler treatments. It’s not that they don’t want to look younger, but that they don’t have many friends who’ve done it (or simply can’t tell their friends did), and hesitate about being the first to get a cosmetic treatment.

This hesitation is one of the reasons why as recently as 2013, male patients still accounted for only 1 in 10 Botox® treatments.

But, attitudes toward Botox® for men are changing rapidly. In fact, it is estimated that since 2001, the number of men getting facial injections like Botox® has more than tripled – a trend fueled by rumors of celebrities like Steve Martin, Clint Eastwood and Michael Douglas having received cosmetic treatments to freshen their appearance.

However, in order to get the best outcomes, it’s important to be aware of several factors that are unique specifically to male Botox® injections.

How Botox® For Men Works

To understand how Botox® can work for men, it’s important to first understand how these injections work. Botox®, or botulinum toxin, is a chemical that is highly effective at relaxing muscles. It is injected into targeted areas of the face specifically to prevent wrinkles that are caused by facial expressions; like crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles.

The injections are virtually painless and take just a few minutes to complete. After the Botox® treatment, the muscles become gradually more relaxed over the course of a few days, reaching full effect within a few weeks. As the targeted muscles become relaxed, they no longer create strong creases in facial skin, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Targeting the Right Areas: Achieving a Natural Look for Him

Most of us have seen the disaster before and after Botox® pictures online, where a celebrity has gotten so much plastic surgery that their face has started to look unnatural. One of the biggest fears many male patients have when first coming in for Botox® injections is that their treatment will cause them to have a “frozen” appearance, with reduced ability to make facial expressions.

This is a big concern for many patients – and a very valid one! If a Botox® treatment is not performed correctly, is injected into the wrong areas, or too much of it is used, it can definitely create an unnatural look for a patient.

However, this is more likely to happen in a less professional setting – like a spa – where the staff may not have been properly trained, or don’t have extensive experience with the procedure.

At California Skin Institute, we’ve performed Botox® injections for many of our male patients over many years, and we believe the following to be some main points to keep in mind:

  • Focus on the right facial muscles: The best Botox® treatments for men tend to be around the eyes and the forehead. Targeting these areas will create a rejuvenated appearance that looks much more natural.
  • Avoid bruising: When completing Botox® injections, it’s highly important to avoid bruising as much as possible. This not only increases comfort and reduces the need for recovery time, but it also helps the patient to have this procedure discreetly, without visible marks left at the injection sites.
  • Combining Botox® with dermal fillers: Often, a Botox® injection treatment can be effectively combined with dermal fillers (like hyaluronic acid) to plump up selective areas of the face. By combining the muscle relaxing qualities of Botox® injections with the plumping qualities of dermal fillers, wrinkles can be significantly reduced while retaining a very natural appearance.

Who is a Candidate for Botox® Treatments?

Every patient has different reasons for getting a Botox® treatment. Some men do it purely for aesthetic purposes, to look more youthful, so that their outward appearance better matches their youthful personality.

Further, men who choose to get Botox® come from many different walks of life. At California Skin Institute, we’ve worked with men in their late 60s and 70s, as well as men in their mid 20s who were interested in Botox® treatments as a preventative measure – to slow the development of wrinkles caused by facial expressions.

The bottom line is that the decision to get Botox® is a very individual one, and the treatment approach must be individualized as well. Treatment must take into account your specific aesthetic goals and concerns, and account for your unique facial features. This makes it vital to work with an experienced Botox® provider who is well trained in creating a natural, youthful appearance.

If you’d like to learn more about Botox® for men, schedule a consultation with a professional to see if it’s right for you.

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