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Dr. Sorrell’s Personal Experience with EMSCULPT®

Posted on: February 3rd, 2023 by Kristen Chang

The following is a testimonial from Jennifer Sorrell, MD regarding her series of treatments with EMSCULPT®.

Normally, I write articles about varying topics in medical dermatology that you may find relevant. Today, I am writing to you about some amazing new technology that I have personally used and feel really strongly about.

Are you a new mom whose core has been decimated? That was me! I have a 4-year-old son, and my mid-section has never been my strong point. When I gain weight, it tends to be in the stomach area, despite exercising somewhat regularly and eating healthy. After having my son, I felt so self-conscious despite being back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Things just felt “different.” I have always enjoyed Pilates reformer classes, but found that toning my core was taking much longer than it had in the past.

Enter: EMSCULPT®. I had heard about this amazing device from colleagues and was eager to learn more. This is a non-invasive, electromagnetic technology that helps you burn fat by building muscle. On the abs, a 30-minute treatment is the equivalent of 20,000 crunches! During the treatment, it definitely reminded me of strong contractions or an intense workout, but was totally bearable. After the recommended series of 4 treatments, I can feel my abs. In fact, I can perform better in Pilates, because my core feels stronger. If you have ever suffered from having a bad back or lower back pain, you may realize that improving core strength lessens back pain. Also, I feel more confident in form fitting dresses, and my clothes overall just fit better. Other improvements available with EMSCULPT® include a buttocks placement, for lifting and toning the glutes.

Photos courtesy of BTL. Not a California Skin Institute patient.

Photos courtesy of BTL. Not a California Skin Institute patient.

This does not substitute for an exercise regimen or actual weight loss. I think this device is optimal for folks at their goal weight who wish they could jumpstart a more toned appearance. Feel free to ask your board-certified dermatologist at your next visit about this amazing device!

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