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Plastic Surgery

Fat Transfer Breast and Buttock

Fat transfer to the breast and buttocks requires obtaining liquid fat and subsequent injection of this liquid fat into the appropriate areas. The necessary fat is obtained by liposuction through several very short incisions. It is often taken from the abdomen or inner thigh but can be taken from any area in which there is excess fatty tissue present. The aspirated fat is processed gently by centrifuging, filtering or rinsing, to prepare for injection. The fat is then injected where needed. The fat is evenly distributed into the area by injecting small amounts into the tissues in many different areas so that the injected fat is well surrounded by healthy tissue. This ensures that the transplanted fat remains in contact with the surrounding tissues that must supply it with oxygen and nutrients.

Fat transfer can be used to enhance breast size for a conservative augmentation that uses the patient’s own tissues instead of an implant. Injectable fat grafting has been used successfully for breast reconstruction after mastectomy in appropriately selected patients. Fat transfer can be used for buttocks augmentation by injecting the fat into the substance of the gluteus maximus muscle. This location provides the maximum amount of blood supply and nourishment to the transferred fat, and the correction can be natural in texture and long lasting.


Treatment results will vary, talk to a practitioner to see if this treatment or procedure is right for you.

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