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Plastic Surgery

Neck Lift Surgery

The neck plays a very important role in how you look, and can be significantly affected by natural aging processes. As time goes by, we gain and lose weight and constantly use the muscles in our neck and lower face. This can create a number of aesthetic issues, including; the appearance of a double chin, vertical muscle bands, and sagging skin. It is not uncommon for patients who visit California Skin Institute to complain about these problems and suggest that their neck makes them look a decade older than they really are.

California Skin Institute surgeons have worked with many patients to address these issues, and are able to effectively tighten the muscles and skin around the neck to create more refined contour and a youthful appearance. Our surgeons understand that this procedure is a highly delicate one, and one that requires very careful planning to achieve the desired outcomes.

The Neck and the Lower Face

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that has one simple goal; to create a smoother neck that is more contoured. However, this simple goal can only be achieved by developing a thoughtful surgical plan, and carefully manipulating the complex myriad of tissues and muscles in the neck. This is due to the fact that the saggy appearance in the neck can be caused by numerous factors. The complexity is further compounded because a surgeon must understand how the procedure will affect the lower face of the patient, as the neck and the lower face share common muscle and skin structures – one cannot be considered without the other.

What the Neck Lift Treats

One problem that can be addressed by a neck lift is excess fat; commonly referred to as a double chin. As we age, fat deposits may collect in this area; removing the contour of the neckline and minimizing the distinction between the neck and the chin. This issue is often addressed by neck liposuction, wherein the excess fat is removed from the area, and the skin tightened, to create better proportion.

Another issue treated by the neck lift is sagging skin under the chin, which connects to the neck. This can often happen due to weight loss; either due to exercise or loss of weight due to aging. In this case, the excess skin must be removed to achieve the desired outcome. To achieve this effect, incisions are often made behind the ears, to pull the skin upward – similarly to a lower face lift.

Lastly, vertical muscle bands are another common issue that can be addressed by one of our expert California Skin Institute surgeons. Vertical muscle bands are a normal part of aging, and result from the constant use of the muscles in the neck. They present themselves as sagging lines that travel along the vertical axis of the neck. Some individuals mistakenly believe that this is just sagging skin, but these are in fact the edges of the muscles.

To address vertical muscle bands, the edges of the muscles must be repositioned, to create a smoother appearance. Further the skin is lifted to smooth out any skin creases that may have developed over the years.

Your Neck Lift Appointment

When you visit a California Skin Institute surgeon for a consultation, he or she will make a detailed assessment of your unique situation to design a personalized course of action based on your needs. Your neck lift may require only neck liposuction and tightening of the skin, or it may require tightening of the muscle bands and excess skin removal. Because each situation is so unique, it is vital to work with a skilled surgeon who can carefully consider all of these factors in creating a treatment plan.


Treatment results will vary, talk to a practitioner to see if this treatment or procedure is right for you.

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