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Plastic Surgery

Neck Liposuction

For patients who would like to reduce a double chin or excessive neck fat, California Skin Institute surgeons offer neck liposuction and jowl liposuction. Our surgeons are experts when it comes to performing this treatment with outcomes that provide contour to the neck and create a more youthful appearance. Because fat cells are targeted during neck liposuction treatment, the outcome can be long lasting (barring major changes in your diet and lifestyle habits). Patients who are dealing with sagging skin in the area, or muscle bands, may benefit from combining neck liposuction with a submentoplasty (muscle band surgery) and Sidelaze laser, which will tighten the sagging skin and muscle.

How Neck Liposuction Works

Neck liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes hard-to-target pockets of fat under the chin and around the neck.

At California Skin Institute, this procedure can be performed under local anesthesia, IV sedation, or general anesthesia, depending on your unique circumstances and the amount of fat that will need to be removed. When the treatment begins, your surgeon will make small incisions below the earlobes and under the chin. The incisions are very small and heal with virtually no scarring.

Once the incisions have been made, your California Skin Institute surgeon will begin the neck liposuction by injecting a tumescent fluid into the treatment area through one of the incisions. This fluid helps loosen the fatty tissues and also contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic that increases patient comfort during the procedure and the subsequent recovery. Further, the solution is also formulated with epinephrine, which constricts the blood vessels in order to minimize potential bleeding.

After the fluid has had time to affect the treated area, the surgeon will begin the neck liposuction by inserting a small cannula through the incision under the earlobe. The surgeon will then move the cannula back and forth under the skin, following the underlying contours of the neck. This further helps break down the fat deposits and allows the cannula to target the fat by suctioning it out.

To target the double chin more directly, your California Skin Institute surgeon will also direct the cannula through the incision under the chin during neck liposuction. This will further help with breaking down and removing the fat deposits from the treatment site.

Depending on your situation, the surgeon may use different types of cannulas (all of which are very thin) to remove the fat evenly, and to sculpt the neck.

After the treatment is complete, you will be able to go home for recovery (please have someone drive you, as you will not be able to drive yourself). The neck liposuction recovery will take a few days but healing takes months or more. The majority of patients have completed most of the initial healing in a few weeks and can return to social activities. Final healing, as collagen remodels, takes approximately one year, but can vary from patient to patient.

To help the neck heal after the procedure, you will be required to wear a chin strap during the day and at night, for three days after the procedure. This is essential for best outcomes, as it allows the skin to reattach to the underlying tissues without interference of any fluid buildup.

What Neck Liposuction Treats

Neck liposuction is designed to treat only the fat deposits in the neck and under the chin. For individuals suffering from sagging skin or muscle bands, neck liposuction can be combined with a submentoplasty or neck band surgery, for a more youthful appearance. This is accomplished through a small incision in the submental crease below the chin. The two bands at the midline are sutured together beneath the chin to improve the contour. The small incision is closed with small sutures that are removed approximately a week after surgery, depending on your unique situation.

Sidelaze is another tool to heat the underlying skin, muscle and fat to stimulate tightening and contour improvement. This procedure is performed through the same incision as the liposuction, so there are no additional incisions.

For patients who have good skin laxity and are dealing with a relatively small double chin, California Skin Institute physicians may suggest Kybella injections as an alternative to neck liposuction. These injections target fat cells under the chin, to improve neck contour without surgery.

Is Neck Liposuction Safe?

Yes, neck liposuction performed by California Skin Institute surgeons is a safe and effective procedure. Bleeding is minimized due to the tumescent solution injected during treatment, and only the fat cells are removed with the cannula.

Our surgeons take great care during the procedure to guide the cannula under the skin, to avoid damaging any muscles or other tissues.

How Soon will Neck Liposuction Results Appear?

The fat removal through neck liposuction is immediate; however, your body will need time to heal. Even after the incisions have fully healed, the skin around the neck will need time to fully re-attach to the underlying tissues. Typically, neck liposuction will show impressive outcomes within a few weeks and the greatest improvement several months after treatment (with continued improvement up to one year or more). Because actual fat cells are removed during treatment, the effects are long lasting.

Neck Liposuction Side Effects

After neck liposuction surgery, you will experience mild discomfort in the treatment area. The pain will be minimal due to the lidocaine in the tumescent solution and any pain medication prescribed afterwards.

However, please keep in mind that there may be some bruising in the treatment area, as well as inflammation. Your body will need time to heal, and you will need to wear a chin strap for three days for best outcomes. Therefore, many California Skin Institute patients opt to perform this procedure during time off from work.


Treatment results will vary, talk to a practitioner to see if this treatment or procedure is right for you.

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