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Plastic Surgery

Nose Surgery

A nose job, or rhinoplasty, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. At California Skin Institute, we have vast experience with this treatment option and have helped thousands of patients re-shape their noses to bring better balance to the face and create a better aesthetic appearance. However, for a nose job to yield satisfactory outcomes, it has to be performed with the greatest of care. This is true for two reasons.

Firstly, the nose receives a lot of attention because it’s right in the center of the face, so the surgery must be completed with precision, to avoid scarring and unnatural dimensions.

Secondly, a nose job requires removal of excess bone and cartilage. If too much is removed, or if the remaining bone and cartilage are not properly repositioned, it will create an unnatural appearance. For example, you may have seen nose jobs that resulted in a very small, pointed tip of the nose. This often results from either removing too much cartilage, or from over-tightening the suture around the cartilage in the tip of the nose.

What a Rhinoplasty Can Address

California Skin Institute patients who request a nose job procedure do so for several reasons. One of the most common requests is to reduce the dorsal hump, the hump in the ridge of the nose that slants the tip of the nose in a downward angle. Many patients find that this hump throws off the balance of the face, and even creates an older appearance.

Other California Skin Institute patients visit us with complaints about the width of their nose. It may seem too broad for their face, thus throwing off the balance. Further, some patients are unhappy with how the tip of their nose appears. Perhaps it points too much downward, or has a shape that is too large for their face.

All of these issues can be treated with a nose job, and a California Skin Institute surgeon can help you understand exactly which changes can bring the desired improvements in your situation. This is a vital aspect of working with an expert surgeon, as your doctor must be able to envision how the changes in the bone and cartilage structure underneath the skin will affect your final outward appearance.

How a Rhinoplasty is Performed

There are two main ways for performing a nose job; an open rhinoplasty and a closed rhinoplasty. Both aim to achieve the same outcome; to remove excess bone and cartilage, and to re-shape the nose.

During an open rhinoplasty, the nose job is performed by making small incisions at the base of the nose, where they will be least visible after healing. The skin of the nose is then lifted, and your surgeon will carefully remove excess bone and cartilage. Thereafter, the remaining bone and cartilage will be slightly repositioned to achieve the desired effect, and the incisions delicately sutured to reduce potential scarring.

A closed rhinoplasty is performed in essentially the same manner, except the incisions are made inside the nostrils.

Your Rhinoplasty Appointment

When you visit your California Skin Institute surgeon for a consultation, he or she will discuss in detail the pros and cons of the procedure with you, and will design a course of action that is unique to your specific situation. You will be able to see visual approximation of what your nose will look like after the surgery, and will work hand in hand with your surgeon, based on your specific needs.


Treatment results will vary, talk to a practitioner to see if this treatment or procedure is right for you.

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