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Plastic Surgery

Neck Band Surgery

Patients who visit California Skin Institute for neck band surgery often do so because the changes in the appearance of their neck have become too dramatic. The development of these bands is a completely natural part of the aging process but, unfortunately, they can make us look much older than we really are. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly neck bands create the appearance of sagging in the neck line, which is associated with aging. Secondly, they remove contour from the neck line. To address these changes and bring definition to the neck, your California Skin Institute surgeon may perform neck band surgery which will tighten the platysmal muscles, create contour under the chin, and achieve a more youthful appearance.

How Neck Band Surgery Works

Although it is commonly performed with neck liposuction, a face lift or a neck lift, neck band surgery is a very distinct procedure that focuses on repairing the structures of the platysmal muscles under the skin.

During the procedure, your California Skin Institute surgeon will make a small incision under the chin. Through these incisions, she or he will be able to view these muscles under the skin and perform the necessary suturing to tighten them.

Typically, neck bands appear from the gradual wear of the platysmal muscles. The lines you notice running from the bottom of the chin to the bottom of the neck are the edges of those muscles. To fix these lines during neck band surgery, your surgeon will bring the edges together and secure them with stitches. This process completely removes the lines, because the edges have been brought together, and creates a smoother appearance in the neck.

In addition to neck band surgery, liposuction can also be performed to remove any excess fat under the chin or in the neck. Further, if you are also experiencing a loss of skin laxity, a face or neck lift can be performed to tighten the skin, in addition to tightening the muscle structures beneath. Sidelaze laser is another valuable tool to tighten skin as an alternative to facelift surgery.

What Neck Band Surgery Treats

Neck band surgery is designed to treat the vertical lines that appear in the neck with age. These lines are caused by the edges of the platysmal muscles and are not the same thing as neck fat or a double chin. Neck band surgery brings the muscle edges together to create a smoother appearance. Additional techniques may be needed to address loss of skin laxity or a double chin.

Is Neck Band Surgery Safe?

When performed by the expert surgeons at California Skin Institute, neck band surgery is a safe procedure with a minimal occurrence of side effects. However, it is important to allow enough time for recovery, as the neck plays a central role in your day to day activities, and it will be difficult to move around for several days after surgery.

California Skin Institute patients typically need to take several days off work for neck band surgery, to allow the muscles to fully heal. A compression bandage is worn as part of the recovery.

How Soon will Neck Band Surgery Results Appear?

Your body will need time to heal from neck band surgery before you can see the full improvement. However, once the healing is complete, the neck will look smoother and rejuvenated. Although you may notice dramatic improvement in the first few weeks, the complete improvement will take several months to show.

Neck Band Surgery Side Effects

With any surgical procedure, infection is always a possibility. To significantly reduce the chance of infection, it is important to follow all after care instructions given by your board-certified physician.


Treatment results will vary, talk to a practitioner to see if this treatment or procedure is right for you.

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