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Plastic Surgery

Tumescent Liposuction

As an alternative to standard liposuction, the board-certified physicians and advanced practitioners at California Skin Institute may discuss tumescent liposuction for the removal of excess or enlarged fat cells that accompany age and genetics. This body sculpting technique permanently removes fat cells that have enlarged over time. Patients experience relief from excess or enlarged fat cells on the waist, hips, knees and abdominal regions. The results include trimmer waistlines and smoother stomachs, as well as the more toned and flatter appearance of the hips and buttocks.

How Tumescent Liposuction works

Tumescent liposuction differs from traditional liposuction in methodology and recovery. With tumescent liposuction, patients will receive local anesthesia and remain awake during the surgery. During the procedure, a very narrow, flexible plastic tubing is inserted through the skin to break up large globules of fat from areas of concern. Because the tubing is both narrow and strong, minimal force is required to navigate through the fatty tissue. The results include a lower risk of deep penetration and less tenderness or bruising as a result of surgery. Patients often resume normal activity within 1 to 2 days.

For some patients, a combination of tumescent liposuction and traditional liposuction may be recommended. The licensed professionals at California Skin Institute will discuss all options with you and explain the differences in techniques and recovery times of each liposuction procedure.


Treatment results will vary, talk to a practitioner to see if this treatment or procedure is right for you.

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