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Plastic Surgery

Scar Revision

Scars that require surgical revision typically result from surgery, burns, lacerations, infection, disease and other major injuries or wounds.

Surgical plans for scar revision

Patient health, safety and expectations for scar revision surgery are of the greatest importance. Our medical team will analyze the size, type and cause of the patient’s scar(s) and combine that information with the patient’s medical history, skin type and skin tone to recommend a surgical plan.

Local or general anesthesia will be administered, depending upon the size, shape and location of the scar.

Facial scars

The licensed professionals at California Skin Institute have specialized understanding of the anatomy of the face, as well as the principles of wound healing. Our board-certified physicians and advanced practitioners employ this expertise to evaluate facial scars and choose the most appropriate techniques for each patient’s desired results.

Complex scars

Complex, large or deep scars that contract skin and inhibit movement may respond well to techniques such as flap closures and Z-plasty. These procedures use special methods of cutting out scars and replacing them with skin grafts or skin expansion to improve skin flexibility and make scars less conspicuous. Surgeries that call for skin grafting are likely to take place under general anesthesia.

Tissue expansion

Tissue expansion can be a viable alternative to skin grafts. This procedure involves implanting an inflatable balloon-like expander under skin adjacent to the scar. By injecting a sterile solution over time, the healthy skin stretches. When the scar tissue and the expander are removed, the freshly expanded tissue remains in place where the scar once appeared.

Layered closure

Scars requiring deeper incision may respond well to layered closure, which involves the closure of subdermal tissue, using absorbable or permanent sutures. Each layer thereafter is closed, finishing with the remaining surface wound.

Your California Skin Institute board-certified physician may also discuss your skin reconstruction options after scar revision surgery.


Treatment results will vary, talk to a practitioner to see if this treatment or procedure is right for you.

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