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Medical Dermatology

Hand Surgery

To seek recovery from damage to the hands, California Skin Institute board-certified physicians and advanced practitioners are trained and experienced in various hand surgeries and rejuvenation treatments. Hand and wrist conditions that disrupt a patient’s ability to move comfortably include injuries to the tendons, deep scarring, birth defects, cysts, trigger finger, Dupuytren’s contracture, and joint deformities resulting from rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Functional problems of the hands can occur simultaneously with cosmetic issues and signs of aging. The licensed professionals at California Skin Institute can provide you with surgical and nonsurgical options for treating these conditions as they develop with age, injury, sun exposure or genetics.

Hand Surgery and Hand Rejuvenation options

California Skin Institute understands that your hands are an important part of your image, your self-esteem, and the way that you function physically. Whether medically necessary or elective, hand surgeries performed by the board-certified physicians at California Skin institute improve patients’ lives. Our team of skin experts will work with you to ensure that you understand each condition you are experiencing. We will help you prioritize your hand surgeries and hand rejuvenation treatments based on your lifestyle, personal needs and desires.

Hand surgeries may treat the following conditions:

Basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas
Burns, including chemical and frostbite injury
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Congenital defects
Dupuytren’s contracture
Hand tumors
Ingrown nails
Nail bed injuries
Nerve damage
Tennis elbow
Tendon Injury
Trigger finger
Wrist and hand fractures
Other finger and hand injuries or skin damage


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