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Medical Dermatology

Cyst Removal

Skin cysts are benign sacs in the skin that are filled with any combination of fluid, skin cells, and bacteria. They can form due to blockage in the skin ducts, swollen hair follicles, or infection. It’s best to see a board-certified physician as soon as you notice a cyst, to minimize the chances of infection or reoccurrence. Depending on the type of cyst, your practitioner may recommend drainage or surgical removal.

Cyst Drainage

Drainage is a local anesthesia procedure that involves making a small incision in the cyst. Antibiotics may be taken to treat or prevent infection. Once the cyst is drained, it should heal within a couple of weeks.

Surgical Removal of Cysts

This method requires physical removal of the cyst through use of a blade or other instrument. After making a small cut, your surgeon will manually remove the cyst and seal up the exposed skin with stitches. After healing, a small scar may remain.


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