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Medical Dermatology


Moles (also known as nevi) are normal skin growths, that are usually small black or brown round/oval spots. Some people are born with moles, but the majority develop during the first three decades of life. If a mole changes in color, height, size, or shape, you should have one of our highly qualified dermatologists evaluate it to rule out skin cancer.  American Academy of Dermatology encourages everyone to perform regular skin self-exams to check for signs of skin cancer. Regular skin self-exams are important for people who are at higher risk of skin cancer, such as people with a personal and/or family history of skin cancer. A dermatologist can make individual recommendations as to how often a person needs a skin exam from a doctor based on individual risk factors, including skin type, history of sun exposure and family history.


This is to be only used as an educational piece and individuals should not use it to self-diagnose a skin condition or problem.

Treatments for Moles

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