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Medical Dermatology


For patients with chronic skin conditions, you might be a candidate for conventional UVB light therapy as a supplementary treatment.

Conventional UVB light therapy, also called broadband UVB phototherapy, has been shown to offer relief from chronic skin conditions such as vitiligo (loss of pigmentation), psoriasis and eczema.

Because patients who receive UVB will notice an increase in skin pigmentation, targeted treatments may be highly effective at restoring pigmentation in patients with localized vitiligo. Localized vitiligo is the loss of pigment in a few specific areas of the skin, whereas generalized vitiligo is more evenly spread across larger paths of the skin.

In conventional UVB therapy sessions, broadband UVB lights are carefully controlled and emit a variety of wavelengths ranging from 280-330 nm. The light therapy becomes effective after several initial treatments followed by intervals of less frequent treatment.

Narrowband UVB is another form of phototherapy used to treat these and other skin disorders.


Results may vary, as may the number and frequency of treatments needed to achieve and maintain the desired results.

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