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Medical Dermatology


Localized cryotherapy involves exposing parts of the body to extremely cold temperatures. There are various applications of cryotherapy, both in medical and non-medical settings. At California Skin Institute, we use cryotherapy in the treatment of warts and cancerous cells.

Cryotherapy for Wart Removal

Warts are commonly removed by freezing with liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen is applied with a cotton swab or sprayed onto the wart. For smaller warts, as little as one treatment can remove them. However, for larger warts, several treatments may be needed for full removal.

Cryotherapy for Cancer Treatment

Early-stage skin cancers or precancerous skin growths and conditions can be treated with cryotherapy. For external tumors on the skin, liquid nitrogen is used to destroy the abnormal tissue. For internal tumors, liquid nitrogen is funneled through a probe to freeze the cancerous cells. After the procedure, the frozen tissue is naturally absorbed by the body.


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