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Skin Care Routine

California Skin Institute offers a broad range of treatment options for people with many types of skin conditions, including; hyperpigmentation, acne scars, wrinkles, loss of facial volume, and much more. Our doors are always open to our patients and we make it a point to give each person the personalized attention they deserve.

However, after having treated thousands of patients, we’ve developed a firm belief that the best way to treat skin is to prevent problems in the first place. Devoting just a little bit of time every day to ensure that your skin is protected from the sun, receives the necessary hydration, and gets plenty of antioxidants and nutrients can go a long way in preventing skin damage.

Personalized Skin Care Routine Consultations

To help patients develop effective skin care routines, California Skin Institute offers personalized consultations that focus on your unique skin needs. We do this because, too often, individuals get skin care advice from non-professional sources; like beauty salons or the advice of their family members. However, though some of these sources may provide good ideas from time to time, these are rarely based on facts or a deep understanding of skin care.

On the other hand, if you visit one of our Patient Care Coordinators, you will receive personalized advice based on the deep collective knowledge of California Skin Institute practitioners. Here are just some highlights of the benefits of our personalized skin care routine consultations:

  • Opportunity to ask questions: If you have questions about which products or ingredients may be most suitable for your skin, this is a great way to have your questions answered by a professional.
  • Personalized product suggestions: Based on your skin type, your susceptibility to breakouts or other skin concerns, your California Skin Institute Patient Care Coordinator will suggest the most suitable products for your skin. For example, if you are prone to breakouts, we can help you understand which of your products may be adding to the problem (i.e. products that clog pores) and help you find suitable alternatives.
  • Personalized skin care routine suggestions: It’s not enough to just have the best skin care products at your disposal – knowing how to use these products is also an essential part of any skin regimen. During your consultation, we can help you understand the best practices of how to apply products, which order to apply the products in, whether to use a facial pad, and much more!
  • Targeting specific issues: Lastly, our skin care routine consultations are an excellent way to develop a routine for specific skin care problems. For example, if you are trying to prevent wrinkles, you may be familiar with the benefits of professional chemical peels and facials. However, using effective moisturizers with antioxidants, and broad spectrum sunblocks can also significantly mitigate the problem of wrinkles. During your consultation, we can help you select appropriate products for damage prevention and teach you how to use them properly.

Long Term Benefits

Having an effective skin care routine can deliver long term benefits. For example, our Patient Care Coordinators routinely talk to patients who have a deep misunderstanding of makeup with SPF protection.

Unfortunately, too many women believe that using makeup with an SPF rating means that their skin is fully protected. This is not true, and many clients who visit us for a skin care routine consultation are surprised to learn that their makeup only protects them from UVA radiation (not UVB) and only offers protection for about two hours! That means their skin is being severely damaged by the sun, and they don’t even know it! This is just one of many myths we can help you dispel during your personalized skin care routine appointment, and help you develop a routine that truly works for you.


Treatment results will vary, talk to a practitioner to see if this treatment or procedure is right for you.

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