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I had exceptional Professional Care from Dr. Sarah Fritzmaurice with my required procedure and Botox treatment. She is a credit to your Encinitas, CA staff. I also like to recognize Nurse Emily Jarvis for her care and professional manner. Lastly, Lily Shairi. at your front desk is always friendly, professional and pleasant to myself and my wife Carol whenever we are in. Wanted to share such a positive staff and professional organization in your Encinitas, CA. office.

Regards, Stephen

*Stephen * Individual Results May Vary

I just left my third visit to California Skin Institute here in Torrance, and per usual it was a pleasant experience. Dr. Goodlerner and Acacia along with the rest of the staff are very professional and offer a calming environment. This is a go-to dermatologist for your medically sensitive needs/concerns and also those cosmetic procedures we love here in LA!

They worked with my insurance and I owe them a big thanks!

*Eric A. * Individual Results May Vary

It is almost a year I am visiting Dr. Carson Kent. He is wonderful and knowledgeable. He listen to you and try to offer the best solution for your problems. He is fair! Try to skip unnecessary visits and asked me to call for any questions or refill instead of office visits.

*Elaheh C. * Individual Results May Vary

I must admit that no one looks forward to having skin surgery done but the entire process was made so pleasant and professional by. Dr. Hsiao and the staff there In Los Gatos, it was impressive. But what really matters is how much less invasive is was, one Mohs attempt, and it was clean, and the cut is barely visible (scalp). No loss of hair, clean small closing. Really recommend him if you need this procedure.

*Tracy O. * Individual Results May Vary

It was my first visit. The staff was so friendly and welcoming. Dr. Goodlerner was super nice and explained everything in details. Thank you!

*Cynthia C. * Individual Results May Vary

Dr. Anhalt has been my family’s dermatologist for as long as I can remember. He has taken care of skin ailments of all kinds and is always thorough, caring, and funny. I’ve had a range of treatments from him and they have all been successful. If something isn’t working, just call the office and he will figure out how to tweak it to help you. Would recommend Dr. Anhalt to anyone!*

*Holly S. * Individual Results May Vary

Dr. Kaminsky was thorough, incredibly knowledgeable and the ultimate professional….would highly recommend him.*

*Kathryn P. * Individual Results May Vary

Rare to find a physician that is both excellent in treatment and who takes a true interest in you as a patient. I would highly recommend Dr. Anhalt to anyone who wants to develop a relationship of quality treatment with their dermatologist. *The Best!**

*Julia G. * Individual Results May Vary

Once Dr. Colby is in the room, I feel like I’m in good hands with a doctor who is hearing my concerns and working with me.*

*CaliKMP * Individual Results May Vary

“She (Dr. Colby) paid close attention to me and all of my questions were answered.”*

*Anon via Wellness * Individual Results May Vary

Folks she (Dr. Wolf) is the best helped my wife and I both with aplomb and skill. She is warm kind and explains everything including doing this will mean you have to come back or for the best results from potential sun spots to non surgical procedures she is the best!*

*Alan R. * Individual Results May Vary

Dr. Morganroth did my upper eyelids and I am very happy with the result. It looks so natural. He is just one of a kind that I absolutely trust. He knows what he is doing and it shows. I also have been taking care of really well by all his staff. Dr. Morganroth is straightforward, down to earth, very driven but most importantly skilled and talented. I highly recommend him to anybody looking for great results and peace of mind. Thanks to you Dr. Morganroth.*

*Sonia L. * Individual Results May Vary

I had an amazing injection by Ms. Wheeler on Friday with zero bruises. She is excellent, compassionate, understanding, and truly experienced. I would like to formally extend this thanks to her.*

*Mone * Individual Results May Vary

Consummate professional, absolutely exceptional in all areas of his work from complex MOHs laser procedures to cosmetic applications. Not the go-to guy if you need a psychiatric therapist more than a surgeon/doctor. There are lots of the former out there and only one Dr. Morganroth. If you want superior, world-recognized dermatological work, he’s the doc.*

*Catherine Q. * Individual Results May Vary

I had two subcision procedures done recently by Dr. Morganroth. The staff and the doctor are very professional and to the point. It was quick. Prior, I had suffered from severe acne and I am now trying to repair my scarred face. Although I will be getting more done in the future, I am overall pleased with the results.*

*Darlene * Individual Results May Vary

I am fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Susan Wolf in San Mateo. Although I have only had two appointments with her thus far, I am very confident stating that she is the best dermatologist I have seen over the last 20 years. My complexion has benefited more from these two visits, then it did from seeing other doctors for many years.*

Her bedside manner is exceptional, and she really listened to my concerns, and responded in a very helpful and kind way. She went above and beyond in order to help me and my particular situation. The staff is very supportive and competent as well. I highly recommend Dr. Wolf. *

*Sandi Y. * Individual Results May Vary

I have very serious scar problems and have seen several doctors, but still my problems are not resolved, until I was referred to California Skin Institute. Having a good, talented, knowledgeable and caring doctor like Dr. AIMEE PAIK of California Skin Institute is considered a fortune. She demonstrates her charming and sweet personality without diminishing the integrity of professionalism. After my regular visits with her my life changed completely. She is a blessing to all her patients.*

In addition the staff of the clinic deserves to be recognized for being friendly and courteous specifically the front desk ladies. They make the patients waiting time very pleasant. Kudos to CSCI for having such a good staff and doctors.*

*Cristina R. * Individual Results May Vary

I want to take a moment to thank you (Dr. Greg S. Morganroth in Mountain View) for my wonderful new face. I’m still staring a bit too long in the mirror, but I’m certain that will pass. I’ve had many comments on my weight loss, my new haircut, the excellence of my colorist and how restful my trip to California must have been. No one who has seen me since my trip has guessed the truth—and it’s all thanks to you! I’ve also been carded when I say I’m a senior. Congratulations!*

I would like to acknowledge not only your expertise, but also your ability to put together an amazing staff. In particular, I would like to congratulate you on having Kimberly DiBenedetto on your team. Her caring manner and genuine warmth are a perfect counterpoint to your calm efficiency. What an incredible business model. Having Kimberly support your patients through all the phases of treatment is inspired. And she does such an incredible job. I have felt as though I’ve had a personal friend in your office. Stepping into the unknown world of cosmetic enhancement is nerve-wracking at best, and sometimes downright scary. Through it all Kimberly has been a shining light of calm professionalism.*

Thank you so much for being the very best at what you do. I am so grateful!*

*Helen L. Bend * Individual Results May Vary

“We scheduled another appointment to have my daughter treated with injections and I scheduled this over the phone with Julia, one of the receptionists. She was super helpful!! I let her know that I needed someone who would talk with my daughter, as I knew she was going to be nervous and a little scared (so was I to be honest). She scheduled us at the Santana Row with Dr. Morales who was the perfect fit! She was kind,patient and spoke WITH (a wonderful attribute) my daughter and explained the options in case we wanted to try something other than the injections. She treated her with compassion and respect which I think, made Jamie (my daughter) very comfortable with having to have the procedure.*

I would highly recommend her to any one, especially the younger population.*

Thank you Dr. Morales!”*

*Kelly C. * Individual Results May Vary

I was expecting a long wait to see the doctor but that didn’t happen. I was called in from the reception area within 10 minutes of my arrival and seen by the doctor within 10 minutes after entering into the examination room. Dr. Mak-Fung provided provided lots of information, including a print-out describing my diagnosis.*

*Anon * Individual Results May Vary

Dr Morales is very competent and personable. She really listens to what you are saying about why you made an appointment to see her, no matter how insignificant it might appear to other professionals.*

*Sharon H. * Individual Results May Vary

Dr. Bloom is always pleasant and efficient. He listens to what I have to say and to what I would like done. Office visits are normally between 20-30 minutes. He has never canceled an appointment with me.*

*Daniel L. * Individual Results May Vary

Dr. Ball had a confident and knowledgeable manner that gave me confidence that I was in good hands. She carefully explained everything to me and she listened carefully to my questions. She is exceedingly friendly. It’s a shame that she told me that I have nothing to worry about, so I don’t need to schedule another visit anytime soon. I enjoyed the visit and her staff very much.*

*Peter J. * Individual Results May Vary

Dr. Wolf was cordial and professional. She was very efficient and effective with the visit and surprised me by addressing my concern and small procedure immediately rather than scheduling a follow-up appt. as many Dr’s do… In short she was great, a professional and a class act.*

*Gerald S. * Individual Results May Vary

Doctor Katheryn Ball is tremendous. Outstanding service. She does a complete exam for cancer and relates any noncancerous skin blemishes or spots on the skin. She does not rush the examination and has a bright and joyful personality that radiates the room. A true professional. I’ll recommend doctor Ball to my friends or anyone. My waiting time was 3 minutes or less. I had a 10:15 apt and was seen by Doctor Ball by 10:18 – very unique.*

*Mike W. * Individual Results May Vary

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