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Cosmetic Dermatology

PRP Hair Growth Treatment

Statistics show that 35 million men and 21 million women in the US experience hair loss or hair thinning by the age of 35 and hair loss continues throughout their adult life. Topical creams and shampoos, along with surgical grafting, have been the go-to methods in years past to restore grow hair. However, these treatments can be costly, painful or fail.

We are excited to introduce an easy, natural, effective treatment using your own plasma; Introducing PRP Hair Growth Treatments.

Platelet-rich plasma, known as PRP, is a concentrated blood plasma containing growth factors and other bioactive proteins that stimulate stem cells in and around hair follicles. The growth factors found in PRP serve as a safe, natural and effective option for hair restoration in both men and women. PRP harnesses your body’s natural healing and growth-promoting abilities to encourage hair growth.

PRP Hair Growth Treatments are simple in-office treatments that last about 30 minutes and typically require no downtime. A quick blood draw will allow us to isolate your own plasma and infuse it into areas exhibiting hair loss.
You can generally wash and style your hair normally within 24-hours of the treatment, but should follow the specific aftercare instructions that will be given to you by your provider.

We recommend a total of about 4 treatments, performed in 4-week intervals, as well as a maintenance treatment every 4-6 months. We monitor your success with pre-treatment photos and your response to therapy. Continue your hair care routine within 24-hours and avoid chemical hair processing for 1-week after treatment.

We have used PRP for many years to enhance cosmetic treatments such as microneedling and to accelerate wound healing. Although The FDA is still pending final approval for hair loss, we are excited about outcomes and patient feedback.


Treatment results will vary, talk to a practitioner to see if this treatment or procedure is right for you.

Conditions treated by PRP Hair Growth Treatment

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