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LaViv® for Nasolabial Folds

California Skin Institute providers offer LaViv® dermal filler treatments to patients who wish to treat their nasolabial folds in a way that is sustainable and natural. This dermal filler is quite unique because the majority of the injectable solution consists of your very own fibroblast cells, which stimulates the production of collagen to provide additional support under the skin. Although LaViv® is mostly made from your skin cells, keep in mind that the proper injection of this filler is essential to produce positive outcomes.

Such expertise is especially important with LaViv®, because the collagen will take some time to grow, and you want to work with a highly experienced provider who will utilize these growth cycles to your fullest advantage. California Skin Institute providers are highly trained in administering this filler and will give you the necessary personalized attention for best outcomes.

What is LaViv®?

LaViv® is a dermal filler that utilizes your own cells to rebuild the depleted collagen network in some areas of the face. Such collagen depletion is especially common in areas where repeated, daily muscle movements form creases – such as nasolabial folds, for example.

It’s important to distinguish LaViv® from dermal fillers like Juvederm Voluma® or Restylane®, for example, which utilize hyaluronic acid to add volume to the area. Hyaluronic acid fillers can be highly effective at increasing volume and doing so almost instantaneously. These aspects have made such dermal fillers very popular with California Skin Institute patients.

However, some patients prefer more gradual improvement and opt for LaViv® to re-build the collagen structures within the skin.

How LaViv® Works

The main benefit of the LaViv® dermal filler lies in its ability to use your own cells to strengthen collagen in targeted areas. To achieve this, a small amount of tissue will be taken from the back of your ear and delivered to a state-of-the-art laboratory at Fibrocell Science (the creator of LaViv®).

At the laboratory, highly-trained technicians will use the small tissue sample to grow millions of fibroblasts; cells which are responsible for growing collagen fibers within the skin. When sufficient volume has been reached and formulated with other key chemicals, like amino acids, the filler will be sent back to California Skin Institute and can be injected into your skin.

Once the injections are made, the fibroblast cells in your LaViv® filler will work to create new collagen fibers and strengthen the skin’s support network. As an added convenience, the Fibrocell Science laboratory will grow more fibroblast cells and keep them frozen for future use in upkeep treatments.

What LaViv® Treats

LaViv® is currently FDA-approved for the correction of nasolabial folds. Although the science behind this filler can make it potentially useful for other treatment areas on the face, the effectiveness of this filler for other wrinkles and skin creases has not been confirmed.

LaViv® may not be the best choice on other parts of the face, like around the eyes for example, because the skin is much thinner in these areas, and because this filler shows a gradual improvement, it may be difficult to predict the final effects.

For treatment of areas around the eyes, injectables like Botox® or Dysport®, or fillers like Restylane® and Belotero Balance® may be more appropriate. During your LaViv® consultation, your California Skin Institute provider will discuss your options in greater detail.

How Long does LaViv® Last?

LaViv® outcomes will begin to appear several weeks after treatment, with full improvement after several months. LaViv® improvements can be maintained with upkeep injections of your fibroblast cells.

What to Expect During LaViv® Treatment?

During your initial LaViv® consultation at California Skin Institute, your provider will harvest a small tissue sample from the back of your ear. This sample will be used by Fibrocell Laboratories to grow millions of your very own fibroblast cells. This initial process will take approximately 3 months.

Once the cells are ready, they will be carefully inspected by Fibrocell medical technicians to ensure that the cells are viable and are able to grow new collagen. The laboratory will keep these cells frozen until you are ready for your injection appointment, and will send the LaViv® filler to California Skin Institute 24 hours before your appointment.

If you need to cancel the appointment, make sure to do so at least 48 hours beforehand, as your customized filler must be used within 24 hours of being sent to California Skin Institute, or it will no longer be viable and will have to be discarded.

The injections will typically be administered by your California Skin Institute provider over the course of 3 sessions, spaced 3-6 weeks apart, with your individual treatment plan varying based on your unique needs. After the initial round of treatments, upkeep treatments can help you maintain an improved appearance.

Because Fibrocell will already have your cell cultures, you will not have to undergo a 3 month waiting period in the future, as more cells can be grown from the existing sample.

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Does LaViv® Hurt?

California Skin Institute providers use a topical or local anesthetic during your treatment to ensure comfort.

To schedule your consultation, call a California Skin Institute practice near you or find a location near you, and request a consultation!


Treatment results will vary, talk to a practitioner to see if this treatment or procedure is right for you.

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